Sacred spatial arrangements

To create rooms of the silence and the prayer means to form the special frame of the devotion not only in its architecture, but also in the composition and equipment of the locality. Here you can find examples of sacred spatial arrangement in the Thuringian Parliament (2002) as well as the Protestant elementary school in Gotha (2003).

Room of silence in the Thuringian Parliament

In the centre of the composition there is a "Retabel" in whose middle the solar song Franz von Assisis' is shown spirally. The "Retabel" is built by several acrylic glass tops which permit a perspective look into the depth by their different colour. Gert Weber could persuade the jury of the advertising with this creation. Read More ...

Raum der Stille

Devotional room in the Protestant elementary school Gotha

Here the wide window parts play consciously with the oval space divisors, by what not only the view has to wind to the light through an ostensible spiral, but the little ones can also discover a lot.

Andachtsraum in Gotha

The Altar triptych in the Protestant church in Herbsleben

In 1986 and 1987 the three winged altarpiece was manifactured, which shows a modern interpretation of a biblical scenes, starting with the creation passing the crucifixion scene up to the great Communion, in a baroque surrounding.. Attentive viewers will recognise people of the contemporary history in the triptych. Read more ...

Altarbild in Herbsleben

In 2008, a cluster of human shapes welcomed the visitors of that church. The shapes, made of acryle glass, were a contribution to the project "Art in Churches" initiated by the Unstrut-Hainich district. (Please click to enlarge.)

Acrylglasgruppe in Herbsleben