Little Exhibition - oil paintings

Alter Clown
Old Clown, 1984, oil on canvas   Clown, 1985, oil on beaverboard
Blues IX   Ohne Titel
Blues IX, 1988, oil on beaverboard   Without title, 1986, oil on beaverboard
Hoffnungslos   Angst
Hopelessly, 1986, oil on beaverboard   Fear, 1985, oil on beaverboard
Selbst mit Totenkopf   Selbst mit Verband
Self with scull, 1990, acryllic colors on canvas   Self with bandage, 1987, oil, beaverboard
Links, zwo, drei, vier ...   Irrer König
Left, two, three, four, 1984, oil, canvas   Insane King, 1986, oil, paint palette
Die alten Männer 1988/89
The old men, 1988/89, oil on 5 hardboards (161 x 380 cm). This satire on the haggard rulers is called as Weber's most political painting. On the first exhibition, free of jury of the GDR in summer 1989 in Erfurt, it caused considerable sensation.
Tango, 1992, oil on painting palette, 291 x 370 cm