References in restoration

Restaurierung und Retusche

Also in the field of restoration and preservation of historical pieces of art and construction-engaged art Gert Weber has gotten a great reputation.

  • Wartburg: Copy of the Schwind frescoes in the palace, reconstruction of the gate hall
  • Wartburg-Hotel: emblem hall and hunter's room
  • Weimar, castle Belvedere: Ceiling mural in the red saloon - supplement to defects and entire body parts
  • Catholic church Saint Peter and Paul Erfurt: Colour version
  • Catholic church Soemmerda: Colour version
  • Catholic church Heiligenstadt: Colour version
  • Catholic church Treffurt: Colour version
  • George's church Eisenach: Colour concept
  • Protestant church Stotternheim: Colour version interior
  • Loefflerhaus Gotha: Stucco ceiling and colour version
  • Ehrenstein Castle Ohrdruf: Colour version facade
  • complete exposure and restoration of the baroque paintings in the Trinity church Graefenhain
  • restoration of four ceiling murals in the church of Frankenhain (canvas, doubled and retouched)