Curriculum Vitae

Gert Weber

  • born in 1951 Graefenhain / Thuringia
  • 1964 private drawing lessons
  • 970-74 Abitur (school-leaving certificates), different part-time jobs, serious artistic work
  • 1974 study beginning and break off at the university of the fine arts in Dresden
  • 1974-76 cooperations in the art studio of Werner Schubert-Deister in Friedrichroda
  • 1976-80 universitiy for graphic art and book art in Leipzig (externally), mentor Prof. Gerhard Eichhorn
  • 1980 free lance artist in the VBK (society of fine artists)
  • 1982-84 cooperations in the panoramic painting by Werner Tuebke in Bad Frankenhausen
  • 1986-1991 restoration of the baroque church in Graefenhain
  • 1992 cultural price of the administrative district of Gotha
  • 1992-2000 different restoration works, for example on the Wartburg, the Veste Heldburg or castle Belvedere in Weimar as well as colour concepts for the catholic. Churches in Sömmerda, Treffurt, Heiligenstadt, Saint. Peter and Paul Erfurt
  • 1998 120 square metres of wall and ceiling mural in the Barmer branch Erfurt
  • 1999-2000 ceiling mural in the church of Reichensachsen/ Hessen (100 square metres)
  • 2002 prizewinner of the competition for creating the room of silence in the Thuringian Parliament in Erfurt
  • since 2002 common projects with Prof. Hans-Günther Wauer (organ), Warnfried Altmann (saxophone) and Hermann Naehring (Percussion) with improvised music and simultaneous painting
  • 2003 creation of three new bells for the Liebfrauen church in Arnstadt
  • 2004 bell ornamental creation for the town church in Waltershausen
    cooperations in the project "Motorway-church near Ruedersdorf A4"
  • 2005 designing the draft, concepts and creation of the room of the silence in the Protestant elementary school Gotha (stained glass windows)
  • 2005 bell ornamental creation for the town church in Weißensee
  • 2006 new coloring of the dome of the monument of the student's fraternity Eisenach (120 square metres) after historical art work and fragments of the original picture done by Otto Gussmann
  • 2006 Two bell reliefs for the Protestant church in Molschleben
  • 2007 bell creation of the triad ringing of the Elisabethkirche in Georgenthal
  • 2007 ceiling mural in the Saint Crucis church in Wölfis (50 square metres)

Study trips and working abodes in Poznan, Cracow, Gdansk, Wroclaw (PL), Paris, Mougins, Nice (F), Genoa, Rome (I) as well as Barcelona and Figueras (ES)

multiple and repeated participation in the international smith's symposium in the Tobiashammer monumental museum in Ohrdruf