Entwurf einer Farbfassung für Kirchenfenster

Creation concepts should meet the requirements of functional as well as aesthetical demands of the appropriate rooms. Normally the individual character of a construction or a room is always given. The arrangement and the teamwork of the available forms, surfaces and lines have a great influence on the finding an idea. By specific incidence of light, the use of suitable colours and sculptural forms one awards to the room or the architectural object a spirit. Whether it concerns about, on this occasion, profane or sacred architecture or listed ensembles are incorporated: successful creations achieved by their aesthetic quality, have an eminently positive effect on humans.

Siechhof's chapel in Ohrdruf

The Siechhofs chapel in Ohrdruf, even of baroque origin itself, accommodates an important piece altar from the high-level Middle Ages. A colour version was chosen corresponding the style epoch in yellow tones and sienna(ocher) tones. (To enlarge the picture, please click inside.)

Farbfassung Siechhofskapelle Ohrdruf

Example: Castle Veste Heldburg

Not realized designed draft for a chapel on the Veste heroic castle, which was supposed to be designed in a modern way. (To enlarge the picture, please click inside.)