Bibliography - Weber's Works in Books and scripts

  • 1987 "Art towards Christian responsibility",catalogue, Gallery Word and Work Leipzig
  • 1988 catalogue "Gallery Maxhuette Unterwellenborn", text: Dr. Edwin Kratschmer Protestant monthly newspaper "Standpunkt" ("Position"), Interview with Prof. Dr. G. Wirth
  • 1991 "Painting against faint", exhibition in Wiesbaden Dresdner Bank, text. Dr. Thomas Fink
    "Art of the newly- formed German states", Herrentierbach, text: Nikolai B. Forstbauer
    "Pictures from Thuringia" Lauerhoefer Culture days, booklet, text: Rolf Dittrich
  • 1993 "Young art of the Gotha circle", catalogue, text: Prof. Dr. Arlt
  • 1996 "GDR- Art", catalogue, Gallery Schlassgoart Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg
    Saale- Gallery, Saalfeld, Flyer with texts written by Dr. Maren Kroneck, Dr. Sieglinde Platz, Prof. Dr. Edwin Kratschmer
  • 1997 "Ecce Homo", diapositive- audio- document about the altarpiece of the church in Herbsleben, Publisher: media centre of the Thuringian national church
  • 2000 "Painting against faint", work catalogue with texts written by Dr. Maren Kroneck, Dr. Sieglinde Platz, Prof. Dr. Edwin Kratschmer, Kurt Hahn
    City Museum Duesseldorf, leaflet
    "The Tobiashammer- a work of art", catalogue, piblished by DVS
  • 2002 Year book of the Thuringian Parliament
  • 2003 Meininger Museums, "The Head, The Mask, The Clown, The Blues", leaflet, text written by Winfried Wiegand
    City Museum Duesseldorf "Pictures against violence"
  • 2004 "Old and new art", hernial 24, Society for Christian Art Paderborn e.V.
    "The neu bells of Arnstadt's Liebfrauenchurch", praising script by the Board of trustees for the preservation of physical structure of Arnstadt's Liebfrauenchurch
    "Ways of Life- death Dankes", published by Grupello, Duesseldorf
  • 2004 catalogue, "art collection Maxhuette", freestate of Thuringia and the savings Banks culture foundation Hesse- Thuringia, text: Dr. Maren Kratschmer- Kroneck
  • 2005 "Ski Sport in the fine arts", Edition Leipzig, FIS
  • 2007 leaflet to the exhibition "Student-Master- Master-Student", Rhoen- Rennsteig savings bank, Meiningen
  • 2008 Catalogue "Art in Churches", district Unstrut-Hainich

TV contributions and Documentations

  • 1990 ZDF "Painting against faint"
  • 1991 ZDF "Pictures from Thuringia"
    SWR3 "Pictures from Thuringia"
    EBNER- FILM: "Painting against faint", documentation abtut the exhibition in the Dresdner Bank, Wiesbaden
  • 1993 MDR "Lšnderzeit": "Stasi- Power and banality" about the exhibition in Leipzig "Round Corner"
  • 1999/2000 Martin Siebert: Video documentation about the Creation of the ceiling mural in the Protestant church in Reichensachsen, Hesse
  • 2003 MDR Thuringian Journal "exhibition against violence and xenophobia"
    MDR Thuringian Journal "the Arnstadt Liebfrauenchurch bells"
  • 2004 MDR Thuringian Journal about the planend Autobahn- chapel near Ruedersdorf at the A4
  • 2006 MDR Thuringian Journal "The Reliefs for the christiening- and supplication bell in St. Peter and Paul, Molschleben
    TV- Video production "documentation about the reconstruction of the ceiling mural in the monument of the student fraternity, Eisenach
  • 2007 MDR "Lšnderzeit" and "Thuringian Journal" (dome painting in the monument of the student fraternity
    MDR radio FIGARO "The Journal" about the monument of the student fraternity
    MDR Thuringian Journal "ceiling mural in the church of Woelfis"
  • 2008 MDR "Nah dran" (Close To) about the ceiling mural in the church of Woelfis