The bell creation

In many places the ringing of churches are renewed, replaced or complemented. After above all the iron bells which were melted to weapons during the world wars, instead of the bronze bells, have already reached in meantime,their "natural life border", many parishs decided to an indivdual creation of their new bells in the shape of reliefs.

The bells of the Elisabeth church in Georgenthal (2007)

After the quiescence of the old bells in 2004 the wish for a new ringing grew in Georgenthal. After the financing of the project was certain, the realisation began in the anniversary year of the saint Elisabeth of Thuringia in 2007. The inauguration in the year of anniversary of the patroness asked for an optical revaluation of three bells adequate to the event. The liturgical function of the baptismal bell, the prayer bell and the eternity bell were made clear in the form of reliefs on the front which actions of the mercy show. Backsided there are references found to the different places of work Elisabeths on the Wartburg, the castle Creuzburg and in Marburg. Read more ...

Glocken von Georgenthal

Two ringing bells in Molschleben (2006)

Exactly on time to the Whitsun in 2006 the Protestant parish in Molschleben was able to consecrate solemnly their new christening and prayer bell. The church of Peter and Paul lost during World War II two of their bells; for the 80th anniversary of the remained bell the ringing was supposed to be complete again. In addition to that the parish wanted to have no adorning of the pole, but an individual creation with reliefs. The prayer bell carries a representation of praying, hoping and comforting people; the christening bell tells a christening scene of an adult in floating waters. Both bronze bells have the inscription "Poured toWhitsun in 2006"; the backsides adorn the Molschleber official church seal and the local emblem of the parish.

Zweiergeläut Molschleben

The bells of the Liebfrauen church in Arnstadt (2003)

In 2003 Arnstadt's Liebfrauen church received three new bells to complete the ringing in the 1300-year-old town foundation anniversary year again. The church of Romanesque origin is valid to be one of the most important testimonies of the Maulbronner style north of the Alps. A committee of famous members looks after the preservation of the church devotedly since many years - and has also ordered the pour of the bells. Read more ...

Seit 2003 rufen neue Glocken in Arnstadt zum Gottesdienst in die Liebfrauenkirche

More bell designing works done by Gert Weber ...

... can be found, for example, in the town church to Waltershausen (in 2002, l.) and in the city church of Weißensee (in 2004, r.) in the administrative district of Soemmerda.

Die Glocken von Waltershausen und Weißensee