Paintings on ceilings

Today, huge murals or paintings on the ceiling are realized rarely. According to the high efforts as well as to the required skills and knowledge, those projects need enthusiasm and continuity for being accomplished satisfactorily.

The monument of the student fraternity, Eisenach

The monument of fraternity was built from 1900 to 1902. It is dedicated to the first Wartburg-Congress in 1817, when students and professors requisitioned officially the overcoming of the german sectionalism for the first time. The mural on the ceiling was initially created by Otto Gussmann. It shows the battle of Nordic gods against the demones of darkness. Because the original painting got lost during the 20th century, this mural can not be categorized as a restoration. Today's 120-square-meter painting is new version based on historical photographs. Read more ...


The St Crucis Church, Woelfis

For more the 200 years that baroque church had to exist without a painting on the ceiling. Although it had apparantly been planned in the 18th century, a fitting painting had never been placed in that protestantic church until 2007. In that year, Gert Weber added the "crucial way" to the ceiling (50 square meters). Read more ...

Deckenbild in Wöfis

The Church of Reichensachsen

1999 to 2000 Gert Weber completed a mural on the ceiling of the Reichensachsen church in Hesse. Its center shows a vortex that appeals both the good and a the bad which are finally equalized in its centre. The expressive painting was intensively diskussed after its public presentation.

Deckenbild in Reichensachsen/Hessen