Painting school and drawing school

Malschule Ohrdruf

The aim of the Ohrdrufer painting school is to provide gifted children, youngsters, adolescents and adult basic techniques of the painting and drawing practically oriented.

  • offers for children, youngsters and adults who want to get into the world of the fine arts, either with or without any artistic pre knowledge
  • single lessons and group lessons
  • subject-related Workshops such as landscape painting, portraiture or nude painting
  • individual care up to the study application in state advanced technical universities or art universities in the fields of the fine arts, design & architecture (art folder preparation)
  • creativity training and action painting
The painter provides theoretical and practical knowledge in each important artistic techniques on high level. From physical studies drawn as pencil drawings, coal drawings as well as pen and ink drawings the artistic way leads to watercolour, Gouache and tempera techniques up to the classical acrylic painting or oil painting. Graphical techniques such as high print, gravure and planography are offered in special Workshops. Further teaching contents are: perspective drawing, three-dimensional representation, chromatics, medium/material issues, free hand drawing, outlines, picture composition and bases of the anatomy. It is worked in free nature as well as in the studio. Mutual suggestion sand common discussion of the single art works of the course participants create a relaxed and creative teaching atmosphere. The courses are oriented from summer until winter,but can be offered also according to demand in timewise co-ordinated single courses and special courses.