Concert tour "sounds-colours-theatrics"

Konzert in Ludwigsburg

Since 2002 Warnfried Altmann (Saxophone, Magdeburg), Hans-Guenther Wauer (Organ, Weimar), Hermann Naehring (Percussion and Drums, Frankfurt/Oder) and Gert Weber venture to do the particular splits between the genres: During an improvised concert a large-sized picture on canvas is created. Neither the artistic nor the musical result of this 90-minute perfomance is predictable at the beginning of the concert. While the musicians agree at most on frame harmonies and exile otherwise scores and notes, the painter - escorted by the sounds of the soloists - starts to retain the tones on canvas. Music and colour inspire itself mutually; after the concert faded away Crescendi can be understood by the attentive visitor with the help of the "colour play" absolutely. In this manner the brief volatily sounds become immortalized which on its parts ultimately enable the painter to give birth to the painting. The concert-goers are not only confronted with an unusual sound combination of the instrumentsbut have the rare chance to pursue the arising of a picture with their own eyes.

Previous stations of the concerts

  • City church Meiningen, 12th of July, 2008
  • Peace church Ludwigsburg
    Snapshot of the concert
  • Church congress Erfurt, Saint Severi
  • Herder-Church Weimar
  • Castle Church Meiningen
  • Ohrdruf Trinitychurch
  • Trinitychurch Gräfenhain